New Features:


  • WebTMS now integrated with market leading financial software QuickBooks.
    • Improve productivity and accuracy by eliminating duplicated effort
  • Uncharged Jobs Report
    • The new pricing report allows you to search for jobs that are unpriced, priced but not ready or ready but not invoiced  across all customers
  • Fuel surcharges can now be added against customers, these are added in the invoiceable contacts admin screen. Once added the fuel surcharge will appear as a separate line on invoices.
  • Customers can now be invoiced by Purchase Order
    • Purchase orders are added against jobs on the job screen and then invoiced through pricing screen
    • Query Job creates a special job to allow any disagreements over pricing amounts to be resolved outside of the original purchase order.
  • Customer added to Invoice Preview report and New Invoice screens
  • Clicking into price on the main pricing screen will now display that jobs quantity details in the top right hand corner
  • Customer selection on Invoice Preview screen enhanced. You may now select customers by typing name and pressing enter, clicking ‘select all’ or by going down the list and simply left clicking.
  • New layout for Invoice pdf complete with company logo
  • POD details may now be displayed on invoices (set up through invoiceable contact screen)

Reports & Searching

  • Two new Traffic Reports (new and other) are now available under Reports
    • New shows recent changes customers have made to your jobs. These automatically disappear over time
    • Other shows POD problems, driver calling office notifications etc. Notifications are removed when the link is clicked.
  • Load Searching. Under Enquiry you may now search by load or job. Load search options include searching for loads by date/driver/vehicle/jobs on the load and others.
  • View search results in lists. After entering a search in the enquiry screen you now have a button named ‘Search results’ which then displays all results in a list allowing you to quickly find the right result.


  • New Admin Suite
    • The new admin suite allows you to create and edit customers, drivers, subcontractors and trailers as well as adding epod, sms and other contact details. Details on how to use the new admin suite are outlined below.
  • Hours recording
    • New Hours recording features are accessible under Admin as Working Time. These new features allow warehouse + driving hours to be recorded against employees recording the exact activities they were undertaking and for which customer.
    • The total daily/weekly/monthly warehouse hours for each customer can then be put into a job and charged out through warehouse Job.
    • More Details on using Hours recording and warehouse job can be found below.
  • Addresses can now be selected by double clicking on them
  • Job details may now be edited on the POD Screen by clicking the ‘edit’ button
  • Warning label added to inform when unacknowledged jobs present
  • Service level added to pricing and pricing details screens
  • Via Depot jobs can now be priced on collection as well as delivery loads
  • Enquiry screen now has a button called ‘POD’ which links to the POD screen entry for that job


Bug Fixes

  • Bug fixed where pricing details couldn’t be accessed for cancelled jobs
  • Previous issue where if you POC’d a collection and then changed it to an OnWheels you couldn’t enter a POD fixed.
  • Linked Jobs and Haulier/Driver fields on POD screen fixed
  • Fixed bug related to removing start dates from exported loads
  • Fixed display bug related to show/hide on hold jobs checkbox
  • Bug where initial address details were blanked out when creating a new job fixed
  • Bug with up to box on  ‘Reprint Invoice by Report’ showing wrong date fixed
  • Bug where problem details were not being fully recorded from handsets fixed
  • Fixed problem with cancelling requests not being implemented from customers
  • Fixed bug with receiving extra requirements quantities