New Features:

  • OnWheels jobs - The collection and delivery sides of OnWheels jobs may now be ordered separately on the load screen. This allows loads to be ordered into a much truer series of pickups and deliveries.
  • Multiple Connections. A new method of communicating has been added which will allow multiple users to run long reports, searches and invoices without impacting the speed of others.
  • Trailer Tracking. Trailer Tracking is now included in this version of TMS
    • Plan and Couple trailers from the Load screen.
    • Record destinations and statuses of trailers from the new ‘Trailer Tracking’ screen.
    • See live and past locations, loads and status for your trailers.
    • For more details about trailer tracking or to set up locations and statuses for your trailers please email TrackTrans
  • Pricing movements added for Enquiry screen.
  • Trailer options added for Subcontractors.
  • Help files updated and improved.
  • Search box added for ‘Asset’ screen.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug with depot filter on ‘Custom Reports’ screen.
  • Fixed bug which allowed exclude tickbox on ‘Transport Pricing’ screen to be ticked after job invoiced.
  • Fixed several issues involved with using WebTMS on internet explorer.
  • Fixed issue where cancelled ‘On-hold’ jobs would stay showing as on-hold.
  • Fixed bug with customer list on working time screen.
  • Fixed issue with customer references being duplicated for ViaDepot jobs on custom reports.
  • Display issue fixed on loadsplit.