New Features:

  • New Outbound work tab allows picking, building and other warehouse activities to be directly recorded against a job.
  • New Outbound report screen shows a live, colour coded time line from pick to dispatch highlighting any issues or approaching deadlines.
  • Custom reports now allows you to report on serial numbers for stock codes.
  • Scanned decom labels now add barcode details to the original delivery job.
  • New design for item labels.
  • Site swap & Line detail xls reports improved for easier reporting.
  • Spares added as a category in unallocated jobs filter.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug with rollback & linked delivery buttons being incorrectly greyed out on POD screen.
  • Fixed bug with not required filter on unallocated jobs.
  • Fixed bug with running multiple customer invoices.
  • Fixed issue with editing extra requirements.
  • Fixed issue with disabling POD fields for re-deliveries.
  • Fixed issue with FTP sending of delivery town on POD.
  • Fixed issue with current depot being reset on new tabs.
  • Fixed alignment issue on Costing screen.