New Features

  • Dispatch button added to load screen. Clicking dispatched confirms that the work has been dispatched to the driver / subcontractor and sends a 2300 message to SAlog.
  • New option of ‘Designated Handset’ added to driver list. Selecting designated handset allows you to export a load to a particular handset and then change the driver / vehicle at a later date.
  • Load search screen now allows filtering by load / manifest.
  • Collection depots may now be edited on enquiry screen.
  • Estimated costs may now be edited until a POD has been received. Any changes to the estimated cost will be exported to the subcontractor.
  • When creating a load from a route template the template name is now added to the name field on the load / manifest.

Bug Fixes                 

  • Fixed issue with searching on asset management.
  • Fixed issue with Job # not clearing when adding jobs to pre-advice.
  • Fixed issue with estimates not saving when adding jobs to an existing load / manifest .
  • Fixed bug with adding a job, adding an estimate and then adding a second job.
  • Fixed bug on reprint by invoice preview screen.
  • Fixed bug with editing trailers.
  • ‘Start date is after delivery date’ warning message has been disabled.