New Features

  • When running single job loads you can now display the customer name in place of the vehicle on the Diary.
  • Subcontarctots can now be made available on a depot by depot basis.
  • New 'Central Transport' option allows jobs from multiple depots to be trunked and managed by a central Transport Department.
  • Bulk pricing options and report criteria added to Custom Reports.
  • Bulk trunk jobs changed from Delivery to OnWheels.
  • When creating bulk jobs (Final and Site manifests) job number is now displayed on screen.
  • Load scans can now be sent for trunks that have not been fully allocated.
  • Part Search on Installed Reports now filtered by internal project code.
  • SWC list on installed reports now filtered by internal project code.
  • Various improvements to barcode management when editing quantities.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with saving on Job Leg Pricing screen.
  • Fixed issue with loading circle on trunk screen.
  • Fixed issue with bulk job movements when PODing in TMS.
  • Fixed bug with setting usual vehicle to a hired vehicle asset.
  • Fixed bug with marking parts not required on TMS POD screen.