Choose a handset tracking system that fits your business and improves your performance.

• View all your handsets from any computer in real-time
• Track your employees
• Have the ability to update your customers accurately
• Make better decisions when allocating jobs

Properly managed, delivery staff can be your company's biggest asset.

Without it they could be your biggest liability

Map displays showing:
• The position of all your handsets refreshed every 10 minutes.
• The complete route for a specified handset on a specified date.
• The current position of a specified handset on demand.

See exactly what your drivers are doing with TrackTrans.

It costs less than you might think, while reducing your operational costs and enabling you to provide an unparalleled service to your customers.


The handset tracking service is Internet based, all you need is a PC, an internet browser (Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox etc...), and a broadband connection. No complicated installation to maintain; a ‘home spec’ PC bought and supported locally will be more than adequate.

• Time limited access to the displays for customers and the emergency services.
• Data kept for twelve months with the option to archive to DVD.
• Printed reports of all the data and the map displays are also available

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